Deanne Gilson


Monomeeth mirambeena n’yaalingo mirambeek Wadawurrung, dullallally baggarook Deanne.

Hi my name is Deanne and I am a Proud Wadawurrung woman, living on Country in Ballarat.

I am an award-winning artist working primarily in paint, clay, drawing and sculptural installations. My artwork draws from a spiritual, ancestral connection to Country, place and culture, accompanied by a personal truth acknowledging the lived experiences of the past, present and future Dreaming for my family.

I m currently undertaking a PhD at Deakin University with the basis of my research looking at the objectification of Aboriginal women by the male colonial gaze and how this has affected Aboriginal women and what was known as traditional women’s business. The disruption through loss of family, culture, language and women’s practices, have impacted Aboriginal women today. I am looking at how contemporary art can heal, disrupt and challenge the gaze, through a reflective process within my research and art. The aim is to highlight and bring back women’s business through art practice as research and link this to the revived practice of ceremony.

Ceremony, spirituality, traditional adornments and artefacts are reflected back through the art and deliver a way in which culture can be revised, shared and continued.