Deanne Gilson

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  1. Therese O'Loughlin

    Hello Deanne,
    You have a beautiful collection of artworks in the Ballarat Gallery, which I was absorbing yesterday. I noted all the red dots and wondered whether the pieces were for sale, but I was a little surprised that the large painting of Bunjil was without a dot. Bunjil, the creator spirit was looking out, (at me?), and I was reminded of the white dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Christian faiths, and pondered the connections between the aboriginal dreaming and the western spiritual representations. I like to think there are old connections so I am buying your painting of Bunjil. I signed up for it yesterday. I like the idea that Bunjil is a creator spirit of the Wadwarrung people who really belong in this place where I live also and that you are from this tribe. The connection to Ireland also appeals to me and I wonder if you have some of that heritage through your father.. My ancestry is Irish, my great grandparents moving out here for a better life during the time of famine and oppression in Ireland. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful self through art.

    Therese O’Loughlin

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